British Leyland Motor Corporation Ltd v Armstrong Patents Co Ltd: HL 1986

The claimant’s product was made from drawings. The drawings were protected as copyright artistic works. They were reproduced in a three dimensional form by the claimant’s own products. Someone who copied the claimant’s products indirectly copied the copyright drawings. Therefore there was infringement.
Held: The appeal succeeded. Copyright could not be used to prevent the manufacture or sale of spares for industrial items. Lord Bridge said that the owner of a car: ‘must be entitled to do whatever is necessary to keep it in running order and to effect whatever repairs may be necessary in the most economical way possible.’ This was a right ‘inherent in the ownership of the car itself’. In the case of an exhaust pipe, he could exercise this right by producing a copy himself or instructing someone else (‘the local blacksmith’) to do so. The owners ‘right to repair’ could be of value only if other people could manufacture copy exhausts which the motorist could acquire ‘in an unrestricted market’. There was a ‘clear conflict of legal rights’ between the owner’s right of repair and the manufacturer’s copyright. The question was which right ‘should prevail over the other’. It was the right of the owner.
Lord Templeman saw the right to repair as inalienable:- ‘Every owner of a car has the right to repair it. That right would be useless if suppliers of spare parts were not entitled to anticipate the need for repair. The right cannot, in my view, be withheld by the manufacturer of the car by contract with the first purchaser and cannot be withheld from any subsequent owner.’
Lord Bridge, Lord Templeman
[1986] AC 577, [1986] 2 WLR 400, [1986] 1 All ER 850, [1986] UKHL 7
Copyright Act 1911
England and Wales
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Appeal fromBritish Leyland Motor Corporation Ltd v Armstrong Patents Co Ltd CA 1984
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