Lucasfilm Ltd and Others v Ainsworth and Another: SC 27 Jul 2011

The claimant had produced the Star War films which made use of props, in particular a ‘Stormtrooper’ helmet designed by the defendant. The defendant had then himself distributed models of the designs he had created. The appellant obtained judgment against the respondent in the US for punitive damages, but these had not been collected, and the courts below had declared then unenforceable here.
Held: The judgment as to the applicability of English copyright below was upheld insofar as the helmets were not sculptures. It would be inappropriate to stray too far from what would normally be regarded as a sculpture. Not every three dimensional representation of a concept qualifies. The helmet remained a utilitarian item, even though it had a clear role in an artistic work, the film.
However the US judgment was justiciable here. English courts have jurisdiction to entertain claims in relation to infringement of foreign copyrights where there is a basis for in personam jurisdiction for those courts over a defendant: ‘in the case of a claim for infringement of copyright of the present kind, the claim is one over which the English court has jurisdiction, provided that there is a basis for in personam jurisdiction over the defendant, or, to put it differently, the claim is justiciable. It is clear that much of the underpinning of the Mocambique rule and the decision in Potter v Broken Hill Pty Co Ltd has been eroded. All that is left of the Mocambique rule (except to the extent that it is modified by the Brussels I Regulation) is that there is no jurisdiction in proceedings for infringement of rights in foreign land where the proceedings are ‘principally concerned with a question of the title, or the right to possession, of that property.’ So also article 22(1) of the Brussels I Regulation does not apply to actions for damages for infringement of rights in land.’

Lord Phillips, President, Lord Walker, Lady Hale, Lord Mance, Lord Collins
[2011] 3 WLR 487, [2011] FSR 41, [2011] Bus LR 1211, [2011] UKSC 39, UKSC 2010/0015, [2011] 4 All ER 817, [2011] FSR 41, [2012] 1 All ER (Comm) 1011, [2012] 1 AC 208, [2012] EMLR 3,, [2011] ECDR 21
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Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 4 51 52, Copyright (Industrial Process and Excluded Articles) (No 2) Order 1989 (SI 1989/1070)
England and Wales
At ChDLucasfilm Ltd and others v Ainsworth and Another ChD 31-Jul-2008
The parties disputed ownership of the designs for various props used in the Star Wars films. The defendant had developed designs from ideas originating within the claimant’s companies.
Held: The judgment from the US in a similar claim was . .
Appeal fromLucasfilm Ltd and Others v Ainsworth and Another CA 16-Dec-2009
The claimants had made several Star Wars films for which the defendants had designed various props items. The parties disputed ownership of the rights in the designs, and in articular of a stormtrooper helmet. The issues came down to whether the . .
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Overall Impression of Design is a Judgment
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