Bramwell and Others v Robinson: ChD 21 Oct 2016

Interference with right of way

Neighbour dispute as to right of way.
Held: The defendant had failed to establish the ‘swing space’ he asserted, but otherwise the claimant had in several ways behaved unreasonably and interfered with the use of the right and harrassed the defendant.

Behrens HHJ
[2016] EWHC B26 (Ch)
England and Wales
CitedWilliams v James 1867
A right of way had been granted over the plaintiff’s land for the benefit of ‘Nine acre field’ in its ordinary use as a field. Hay grown on both Nine acre field and the adjoining ‘Parrott’s land’ had been mowed and stored on Nine acre field in the . .
CitedFinch v Great Western Railway Company 1879
The extent of the right of way acquired by prescription must be measured by the extent of user during the period of time relied upon. . .
CitedMills and Another v Silver and others CA 6-Jul-1990
A farm’s only vehicular access was over land which was only useable occasionally when dry. The defendants laid a stone track to facilitate constant access. At first instance it was held that the earlier use had been too intermittent to allow a . .
CitedMcAdams Homes Ltd v Robinson and Another CA 27-Feb-2004
The defendant blocked the line of a sewer. The claimant alleged that it had an easement and sought the cost of building the alternative pipe. The question to be answered was ‘Where an easement is granted by implication on the sale of a property, . .
CitedOliver v Symons CA 15-Mar-2012
The parties disputed the extent of a right of way, the claimant appealing against the rejection of his claim for ‘swing space’ alongside the right of way.
Held: The appeal failed. Elias LJ said that the ‘argument for swing space fails. That is . .
CitedB and Q Plc v Liverpool and Lancashire Properties Ltd ChD 26-Jul-2000
The dominant owner wished to deal with delivery vehicles in a manner where they were left parked awaiting emptying. The servient owner (a lessee) wanted to construct buildings over a large part of the land. The servient owner objected.
Held: . .
CitedZieleniewski v Scheyd and Another CA 6-Mar-2012
The parties disputed the existence of a right of way. Briggs J set out the legal principles involved in a claim of interference with a right of way: ‘1) Not every interference with a right of way is actionable. The owner of the right may only object . .
CitedPettey v Parsons CA 1914
Mr Parsons (the defendant) owned a parcel of land on the junction of two roads in Bournemouth, called Charminster Road and Alma Road. In the middle of the parcel there was a footpath which ran from Charminster Road westwards to a private road which . .
CitedSaint v Jenner CA 1973
The dominant owner had been exercising his vehicular right of way over a domestic drive by driving at excessive speeds. The servient owner installed speed bumps. The dominant onwer alleged interference with the right of way.
Held: This . .
CitedChristie v Davey 1893
A music teacher gave lessons at home and from time to time held noisy parties. He complained of nuisance when his neighbour retaliated by blowing whistles, banging trays and trying to disturb the music.
Held: The defendant’s actions were . .
CitedFlynn v Harte 1913
Dodd J said: ‘Each case depends upon its own facts. Whether a gate is or is not an obstruction of the right is a matter of fact. He who acts in a neighbourly way may be sure he is within the law. He who acts in an unneighbourly manner is breaking . .
CitedGeoghegan v Henry 11-Jan-1922
. .
CitedHollywood Silver Fox Farm v Emmett 1936
The plaintiffs farmed silver foxes for their fur. During the breeding season, they were nervous, but the neighbour defendant farmer deliberately encouraged his son to fire guns near the pens in order to disturb the breeding and cause economic loss. . .
CitedOwers v Bailey ChD 2006
Nicholas Strauss QC dealt with the interference on a right of way by the erection of a gate, summarising the law. . .

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