Geoghegan v Henry; 11 Jan 1922

References: [1922] 2 IR 1
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  • Approved – Flynn v Harte ([1913] 2 IR 322)
    Dodd J said: ‘Each case depends upon its own facts. Whether a gate is or is not an obstruction of the right is a matter of fact. He who acts in a neighbourly way may be sure he is within the law. He who acts in an unneighbourly manner is breaking . .

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  • Cited – Bramwell and Others v Robinson ChD (Bailii, [2016] EWHC B26 (Ch))
    Neighbour dispute as to right of way.
    Held: The defendant had failed to establish the ‘swing space’ he asserted, but otherwise the claimant had in several ways behaved unreasonably and interfered with the use of the right and harrassed the . .
  • Cited – Owers v Bailey ChD ([2006] AER (D) 106 (Sep))
    Nicholas Strauss QC dealt with the interference on a right of way by the erection of a gate, summarising the law. . .

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Jurisdiction: Ireland

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