Bell v Peter Browne and Co: CA 1990

Mr Bell asked his solicitors to transfer the matrimonial home into his wife’s sole name. He was to receive a one-sixth interest of the gross proceeds on a sale. His interests were to be protected by a trust deed or mortgage. The solicitor drafted the documents and the transaction was completed; but no declaration of trust or mortgage was prepared or executed. The house was eventually sold and the wife spent all the proceeds. More than six years after the transfer of the house to the wife, the plaintiff started proceedings against the solicitors.
Held: He suffered damage when he transferred title, rather than the later date at which his wife sold the house and dissipated the proceeds.
Nicholls LJ said: ‘Due to the defendants’ negligence, the plaintiff parted with his legal estate in the property conveyed to his wife in exchange for an equitable interest in the proceeds of sale. That equitable interest until secured by a charge or acknowledged by a deed of trust was clearly less valuable to the plaintiff. Unprotected against the interests of third parties by registration of a charge or of a caution, it was less valuable still. I consider therefore that the plaintiff’s cause of action arose when he parted with his property or at the latest at the time when the careful solicitor would have affected registration either of a charge or of a caution.’ and ‘the question of damage and the limitation period in negligence claims has been a troublesome one for some years’ His cause of action in negligence accrued when the transfer was executed without the protection of the plaintiff’s interest in the house or its proceeds of sale. The damage, such as it may have been, was sustained when the transfer was executed and handed over. At that point the plaintiff parted with title to the house, and he became subject to the practical inconveniences which might flow from his not having his wife’s signature on a formal document.


Nicholls LJ


[1990] 2 QB 495


England and Wales


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Professional Negligence, Limitation

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