Axa Insurance Ltd v Akther and Darby Solicitors and Others: CA 12 Nov 2009

The court considered the application of the limitation period to answering when damage occurred when it arises under an unsecured contingent liability. The claimant insurance company had provided after the event litigation insurance policies to the solicitors and their clients, relying on assessments of the cases made by the defendants. The court below had held that the taking out by the defendants of the policies was when the damage occurred.
Held: The claimant insurers’ appeal failed. The case law should not be read to put an unsecured creditor in a better position than a secured one. Analysis of Sephton led to the conclusion that: ‘there had to be measurable loss before time began to be run, that is to say, loss which is additional to the incurring of a purely contingent liability. In my judgment, for this purpose, rights of contribution or subrogation must be ignored because those rights arise by operation of law, unless excluded by agreement or statute. If they were taken into account, they would undermine the basic rule which is clearly established in Sephton that a pure contingent liability is not damage.’
A measurable loss arose on breaches of the vetting duties when the policies were issued, because the mis-assessment devalued the policies.
Arden, Longmore, Lloyd LJJ
[2009] EWCA Civ 1166, Times 15-Dec-2009, 127 Con LR 50, [2009] 2 CLC 793, [2010] PNLR 10, [2010] 1 WLR 1662
Limitation Act 1980
England and Wales
Appeal fromAxa Insurance Ltd v Akther and Darby Solicitors and Others ComC 27-Mar-2009
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