ABC v PM and Another; FC 5 Mar 2015

References: [2015] EWFC 32
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Coram: Moor J
The parties were involved in substantial ancillary relief disputes. W now complained that H had charged his only asset within the jurisdiction, the house in which she lived, to secure his legal fees. She had already asserted a claim against it within the proceedings. The Court had already found that H had failed to disclose substantial offshore assets. H now appealed against an order stting the charge aside.
Statutes: Matrimonial Causes Act 1973
This case cites:

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    The husband was a serving soldier who had had various postings abroad. The wife returned home, where she discovered that she was pregnant. He followed her home, but she left him, and applied for maintenance. The justices found that she had deserted . .
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    H had mortgaged the matrimonial home to release funds to support his lifestyle. The bank knew about the family circumstances and the mortgage was set aside at first instance. W applied to have the charge set aside.
    Held: The application . .
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