A C Redfearn v Serco Ltd T/A West Yorkshire Transport Service: EAT 27 Jul 2005

The claimant said that he had been indirectly discriminated against on racial grounds. He was dismissed after being elected as a local councillor for the BNP. The employer considered that for Health and Safety reasons, his dismissal was necessary because of the upset and disturbance his continued employment would create with Asian co-workers and passengers.
Held: The claimant’s appeal succeeded. ‘the health and safety issues . . are issues which arise directly out of the membership by the Claimant of the BNP, which the Tribunal has already found was a party which was open to whites only; and that the direct consequence, as the Tribunal found, of the membership, of that party was the health and safety problem ‘having regard to the high preponderance of passengers and significant number of employees who are of Asian origin’, and this must be a reference to the possible anxiety suffered by these Asian passengers and employees – the latter being a reference to the 35% of employees who presumably might, like the passenger, be upset or anxious. There is no express reference to the employees who are not of Asian origin who might be roused to anger, as mentioned earlier in the Judgment. And then . . the Tribunal again makes entirely clear its conclusion that the action was taken ‘because of the Respondent’s concern in relation to its passengers and employees of Asian origin.” The employer might arguably be accused of deciding that no member of the BNP could be employed by it. A dismissal on health and safety grounds might be based on racial considerations (given the emphasis on Asian colleagues and passengers) and therefore be unlawful. The tribunal had asked itself the wrong question and had erred in law. ‘The Appeal Tribunal must be in a position to be satisfied that the employment tribunal has carried out its job. Absence of reasons is one of the indications that the employment tribunal has not carried out its job.’ The case was remitted to a different tribunal.


The Honourable Mr Justice Burton


[2005] UKEAT 0153 – 05 – 2707, UKEAT/0153/05, [2005] IRLR 744


Bailii, EAT


Race Relations Act 1976 Amendment Regulations 2003, Race Relations Act 1976, Council Directive of 29 June 2000/43/EC


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Appeal fromSerco Ltd v Redfearn CA 25-May-2006
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