Young, Regina (on The Application of) v Governor of Her Majesty’s Prison Highdown and Another: Admn 6 Apr 2011

The claimant complained that he had not been considered for early release on Home Detention Curfew because the policy refused to allow those convicted of knife crimes to be so considered, and: ‘the failure to include other offences in the list of unsuitability offences renders the scheme unlawful on the grounds of discriminatory, irrational and unfair differentiation between one group of prisoners and another. It was also submitted that the policy treated the Claimant less favourably than an asserted comparator group consisting of other prisoners convicted of equally serious offences involving weapons but who happen not to have been charged separately with the weapons offence.’
Held: The request for a declaration failed. There was no practice as suggested by the claimant of undercharging for knife crimes, and the policies of CPS and otherwise were clear. There were no comparators properly identified who had been treated differently.

Lord Carlile of Berriew QC
[2011] EWHC 867 (Admin)
Criminal Justice Act 2003 246
England and Wales
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A public authority, and the Prison Service in particular, is free, within the limits of rationality, to decide on any policy as to how to exercise its discretions; it is entitled to change its policy from time to time for the future, and a person . .
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