X and Y v Persons Unknown: QBD 8 Nov 2006

The claimants sought an injunction against unknown persons who were said to have divulged confidential matters to newspapers. The order had been served on newspapers who now complained that the order was too uncertain to allow them to know how to obey it. Associated Newspapers had agreed to an undertaking, but then were served with an injunction in wider terms.
Held: The court considered what might be considered to be public about a couple’s relationship: ‘if someone asks ‘How’s married life treating you?’ and the response is ‘Fine’, that does not mean that the public is entitled to a ring-side seat when stresses and strains emerge (as happens in most relationships from time to time). It is disingenuous to pretend otherwise. Ordinary polite ‘chit chat’ of this kind is qualitatively different from volunteering to release private information for public consumption. ‘ At the same time, some facts about a separation have no privacy, such as that the couple are living apart. The order therefore scheduled the kinds of facts about the couple which were to be respected as private.
As for disclosure: ‘If and in so far as the exigencies of the occasion permit, anyone applying for an injunction must comply with his or her obligation of full and frank disclosure. In cases of this kind, that will generally involve a search of the internet or previous publications relating to the same category of information now sought to be protected. The court will need all the assistance available, for the purpose of deciding ‘likelihood’ of success, and in particular for making a preliminary judgment as to whether ‘the information in question is so generally accessible that, in all the circumstances, it cannot be regarded as confidential’.’ In this case, though the investigation might be criticised the parties should not be refused injunctive relief. A public domain proviso should be added. Attempts should also be made to trace the wrongdoers so that the litigation should not go to sleep leaving a permanent injunction.


Eady J


[2006] EWHC 2783 (QB), [2007] EMLR 290, [2007] 1 FLR 1567




Human Rigts Act 1998 12


England and Wales


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