Wilson, Regina v: CACD 28 Apr 2009

Appeal from whole life sentence on conviction of attempted rape, wounding with intent, and causing a person to engage in sexual activity without her consent. He had been deported from Australia after release from prison for murder and very serious sex assaults. It was conceded that he satisfied the dangerousness criteria.
Held: Taken on their own, these offences would not justify a whole life term. However, these crimes were not isolated. They were committed, shortly after his return to the community, by a man with a lengthy criminal record which included offences of the rape of, and the murder of, elderly females. The punitive element was set at 20 years with a minimum of ten years to be served.
References: [2010] 1 Cr App Rep (S) 11, [2009] Crim LR 665
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Judges: Lord Judge LCJ
Statutes: Criminal Justice Act 2003 225
Jurisdiction: England and Wales

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