Williamson v The Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago: PC 3 Sep 2014

(Trinidad and Tobago) The claimant had been held after arrest on suspicion of theft. He was held for several months before the case was dismissed, the posecution having made no apparent attempt to further the prosecution. He appealed against refusal of damages for malicious prosecution, wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.
Held: The appeal failed. The constable had averred in his statement that he had had reasonable and probable cause for laying the charges and had acted without malice. Those averrments had not been challenged by the appellant and the claims of malicios prosecution must fail. Similarly the respondent had clatified the issue of the appellant’s arrest and the justifications for his detention, ad the associated claims must also fail.

Lady Hale, Lord Kerr, Lord Clarke, Lord Wilson, Lord Reed
[2014] UKPC 29
England and Wales
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(Cayman Islands) A hurricane had damaged property insured by the respondent company. The company employed the appellant as loss adjustor, but came to suspect advance payments recommended by him, and eventually claimed damages for deceit and . .
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Quaere, whether an action for a malicious prosecution will lie against a corporation aggregate? Per Alderson, B., that it will not.
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The court considered the issue of malice as an element of malicious prosecution. It is a matter to be proved by the plaintiff or the case may be withdrawn, but in a proper case it may be inferred from want of reasonable and probable cause although . .
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It is for the detaining authority to justify all periods of detention.
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