Wessex Dairies Limited v Smith: CA 1935

A milk roundsman employed by a dairy who canvassed the dairy’s customers while in the employ of the dairy but to take effect after his employment had terminated.
Held: The question to be determined depended upon the term to be implied in the ordinary case of a contract of employment in the absence of express agreement, and held that it ‘is a necessary implication which must be engrafted on such a contract that the servant undertakes to serve his master with good faith and fidelity’. Except in special circumstances, there is no general restriction on an ex-employee canvassing or doing business with customers of his former employer, and ‘the servant may, while in the employment of the master, be as agreeable, attentive and skilful as it is in his power to be to others with the ultimate view of obtaining the benefit of the customers’ friendly feelings when he calls upon them if and when he sets up business for himself’.
Greer LJ formulated the implied term thus: ‘during the continuance of his employment he will act in his employer’s interests and not use the time for which he is paid by the employers in furthering his own interests.’


Maugham LJ, Greer LJ


[1935] 2 KB 80, [1935] All ER 7


England and Wales

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