Warsama and Another v The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Others (Bill of Rights 1689 – Constitution – Parliament – Separation of Powers – Child Abuse): QBD 15 Jun 2018

Bill of Rights 1689 – Constitution – Parliament – Parliamentary Privilege – Separation of Powers – Immunity – Jurisdiction of Court – Human Rights – Public Authority – Child Abuse – Inquiry Report – Motion for an Unopposed Return – ECHR Art 8 – ECHR Art 6 – Damages – St Helena and Ascension Island – Crown in Parliament – Non-Statutory Inquiry – Executive – Judicial Review – Delay – Professional Reputation – Salmon process – Maxwellisation
A report had been prepared into allegations of child sex abuse on St Helena. The claimant social workers had been severely criticised in the report and now said that the report had abused their own human rights in its approach and lack of independence. The defendant relied on parliamentary privilege, the report having been published under a ‘Motion for an Unopposed return’.


[2018] EWHC 1461 (QB)




Bill of Rights 1689, European Convention on Human Rights 6 8, Parliamentary Papers Act 1840


England and Wales

Constitutional, Human Rights

Updated: 25 April 2022; Ref: scu.620076