Walton v The Scottish Ministers: SC 17 Oct 2012

The appellant, former chair of a road activist group, challenged certain roads orders saying that the respondent had not carried out the required environmental assessment. His claim was that the road had been adopted without the consultation required by the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive (‘the SEA Directive’), and that that the scope of the public inquiry should have included the question whether the Fastlink was required, under common law principles of procedural fairness. His claim had also been rejected on the basis that he had not had a sufficient personal interest.
Held: The appeal was rejected. The SEA and EIA Directives require environmental assessments to be carried out in different but mutually complementary circumstances. The SEA Directive is concerned with the environmental effects of ‘plans and programmes’ which set the framework for future development consent of ‘projects’. The EIA Directive is concerned with the environmental impact of specific ‘projects’.
The Fastlink was not a modification triggering the consultation requirements of the SEA Directive. The WPR was a specific ‘project’ undertaken following the MTS, and the Fastlink was a modification of that project, rendering it subject to the EIA Directive’s requirements instead.

Lord Hope, Deputy President, Lord Kerr, Lord Dyson, Lord Reed, Lord Carnwath
[2012] UKSC 44, UKSC 2012/0098, [2013] 1 CMLR 28, [2013] PTSR 51, [2013] JPL 323, 2012 SLT 1211, [2013] Env LR 16, 2012 GWD 34-689
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