Vision Golf Ltd. v Weightmans (A Firm): ChD 26 Jul 2005

References: [2005] EWHC 1675 (Ch)
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Coram: Lewison J
Ratio: A lease had been forfeited. The defendant firm of solicitors had negligently failed to apply for relief. They argued that that failure had in fact caused no loss to the claimants, since they would have lost the lease anyway.
Held: The ‘but for’ test set out in the Kuwait Airlines case was passed. ‘But for’ the negligence relief would have been obtained. The law has abandoned the theory that a claimant’s impecuniosity absolves a tortfeasor from liability. As to damages, the value of the lease would include a sum in respect of loss of profits.
This case cites:

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    After the invasion of Kuwait, the Iraqi government had dissolved Kuwait airlines, and appropriated several airplanes. Four planes were destroyed by Allied bombing, and 6 more were appropriated again by Iran.
    Held: The appeal failed. No claim . .
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