Van Der Mussele v Belgium: ECHR 23 Nov 1983

There is discrimination only if the cases under comparison are not sufficiently different to justify the difference in treatment. This expressed by saying that the two cases must be in an ‘analogous situation’. The social security system is a ‘system characterised by a corpus of rights and obligations of which it would be artificial to isolate one specific aspect’.
The court rejected a submission that there had been a breach of article 4 where a pupil Avocat was compelled by regulations of the Order of Advocates to assist those in need of legal aid and represent clients without payment if so directed by the Order. There could be a breach ‘if the service imposed a burden which was so excessive or disproportionate to the advantages attached to the future exercise of that profession that the service could not be treated as having been voluntarily accepted beforehand.’ The court attached importance to the services falling within the ambit of the normal activities of an Avocat, that a compensatory factor was to be found in the advantages attaching to the profession and that the services contributed to the applicant’s professional training, with its opportunity to enlarge his experience.


8919/80, (1983) 6 EHRR 163, [1983] ECHR 13


Worldlii, Bailii


European Convention on Human Rights 4

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