University of Warwick (Education): ICO 17 Jun 2020

The complainant requested information about non-disclosure agreements and the criminal convictions of staff. The University Council of the University of Warwick originally said that it did not hold any information within the scope of part of the request and relied on section 12 of the FOIA to refuse the remainder. It subsequently clarified that it did hold some further relevant information which it has now disclosed. The Commissioner’s decision is that University failed to comply with its duty under section 1(1) of the FOIA within 20 working days and therefore breached section 10 of the FOIA. She also finds that it failed to obtain the correct interpretation of the original request and thus breached its section 16 duty to provide advice and assistance. As the Commissioner is satisfied that University has now complied with its section 1(1) duty, she does not require any further steps to be taken.
FOI 10: Complaint upheld FOI 16: Complaint upheld


[2020] UKICO fs50885803




England and Wales


Updated: 03 August 2022; Ref: scu.653700