Umek v Slovenia: ECHR 8 Jan 2009

The claimant said that the defendant country had failed to provide her with an effective remedy for delay in proceedings before its courts. She had sought damages after being involved in a fire. She began proceedings in 1989, and they were concluded in 2006. The government pleaded that the claimant had not yet exhausted her domestic remedies.
Held: The court would not depart from its previous findings as to the inadequacy of remedy provided in Slovenia for delay. The claim was admissible. The length of the proceedings, which lasted more than ten years in the period within the Court’s temporal jurisdiction, was excessive and failed to meet the ‘reasonable-time’ requirement. There was accordingly been a breach of Article 6 ss 1 of the Convention.

35463/02, [2009] ECHR 1, [2009] ECHR 29
Bailii, Bailii
European Convention on Human Rights 13 6
Human Rights
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