Ulrich v Treasury Solicitor and Others: ChD 28 Jan 2005

A fund was set up before the 1954 Act. Its objects were not entirley charitable, being for the employees of a company. The trustees appealed refusal of a declaration that it was charitable.
Held: The intention was to apply the funds for the benefit of the company’s employees and their dependants who were in difficulties. The trust would be applied exclusively for charitable purposes rather than for the non-charitable ones of benefitting employees of the company generally. Declaration granted. The case of re Wykes was to be preferred to the Gillingham Bus case.
Hart J
Times 23-Mar-2005
Charitable Trusts (Validation) Act 1954
England and Wales
CitedIn re Wykes, deceased; Riddington v Spencer 1961
When looking a the definition section of a statute, the presumption in law that Parliament would be especially precise and careful in its choice of language, is stronger. . .
CitedIn re Gillingham Bus Disaster Fund 1958
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