TZ v General Medical Council: Admn 17 Apr 2015

Appeal against decision of a Fitness to Practise Panel holding that the Appellant’s fitness to practise as a medical practitioner was impaired by reason of his misconduct. It directed that his name be erased from the Medical Register under section 35D of the Act. Acting as a locum at an AandE hospital attending a young female, he was alleged to have assaulted her. He said that the complainant’s evidence had been shown incorrect in several ways, and that two additional witnesses had not been made available. He asked the committee to review its own decision.
Held: ‘Given the absence of an equivalent review mechanism in the case of medical practitioners, I regard Muscat as important in its recognition of the factor that it is not in the public interest that a qualified health professional, capable of giving good service to patients, should be struck off his professional register, and that that is a factor which, in an appropriate case, can justify departure from what Smith LJ pithily described as ‘the old Ladd v Marshall straightjacket.’
. . And ‘Given the existence of the discretion in this case, the issues for the Panel on the exercise of discretion would have been; ‘i) what was the relevance of the new evidence?
ii) why had it not been called before?
iii) what significance did it have in the context of the draft findings of the Panel?
iv) what effects would its admission have on the conduct of the hearing, and in particular on
a) the need to recall witnesses
b) the length of the hearing
v) taking all matters into account, would justice be done if it were not received and heard?’

Gilbart J
[2015] EWHC 1001 (Admin)
Medical Act 1983 40
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