Triquet v Bath: 1764

An English secretary to a foreign minister is privileged from arrests, though formerly a trader, and now under very suspicious circumstances. For a servant of a minister of a foreign country to claim protection against prosecution, it is not necessary for him to show every incident of such service, it is enough for him to show actual bona fide service. Where such service is established on affidavit, ‘we must not, upon bare suspicion only, suppose it to have been merely colourable and collusive.’

Lord Mansfield
(1764) 3 Burr 1478, [1746] EngR 666, (1746-1779) 1 Black W 471, (1764) 96 ER 273
England and Wales
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CitedRegina v Jones (Margaret), Regina v Milling and others HL 29-Mar-2006
Domestic Offence requires Domestic Defence
Each defendant sought to raise by way of defence of their otherwise criminal actions, the fact that they were attempting to prevent the commission by the government of the crime of waging an aggressive war in Iraq, and that their acts were . .

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