Treasury Solicitors (Decision Notice): ICO 19 Oct 2009

The complainant requested that the Treasury Solicitor’s Department provided him with the identity of the individual(s) whose allegations culminated in him being declared a vexatious litigant. TSOL refused to disclose the information on grounds provided by section 30 (investigations and proceedings conducted by public authorities) or, in the alternative, section 31 (law enforcement) of the Act. The Commissioner has concluded that the information is the personal information of the complainant and therefore exempt under section 40(1) of the Act and that the public authority should have treated the request as a subject access request under section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).
Section of Act/EIR and Finding: FOI 40 – Complaint Not upheld


[2009] UKICO FS50127453




England and Wales


Updated: 07 August 2022; Ref: scu.532258