Thomas Amory v Henry Luttrell: PC 5 Apr 1710

Lands of andpound;353 per ann. were devised in trust for the sole and separate use of K during the joint lives of herself and her husband ; the husband being afterwards outlawed for high treason, these lands became forfeited, and were granted by the crown to S. his brother, subject to all legal and just incumbrances. S having withheld the rents of these lands from K whereby she was reduced to great necessity, she was prevailed upon to release the same to S, in consideration of andpound;100 paid down, (though the arrears amounted to andpound;200) and an annuity of andpound;1200 per ann. during the joint lives of herself and her husband. But this release was set aside as fraudulent, and S. decreed to account, for the whole rents and profits.


(1709) 2 ER 108, [1710] EngR 45, (1710) 4 Bro PC 159, (1710) 2 ER 108


Commonlii, Commonlii

Ireland, Criminal Sentencing

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