The Republic of Croatia v The Republic of Serbia: LRA 2 Jul 2009

LRA Beneficial Interests, Trusts and Restrictions : Restrictions Where No Beneficial Interest
Dismemberment of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; entry of restrictions; lex situs; private domestic law of England and Wales; occupation of property by a member of the Serbian diplomatic mission; principle of justiciability; ‘sufficient interest’; ‘right or claim’; Agreement on Succession Issues 2001 2262 (United Nations Treaty Series 253), Articles 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8, Annex B, Articles 2,3,4 and 5; United Kingdom Material on International Law (1996) 67 BYIL 708 – 709; Law Com No 254 ‘Land Registration for the 21st Century – a Consultative Document’ para. 6,59; Law Com No 271 ‘Land Registration for the Twenty-First Century – A Conveyancing Revolution’, Stationery Office July 2001, para. 6.49; State Immunity Act 1978 s.1, s.6(1), s.6(3), s.12(1), s.12(3), s.16(1)(b); Land Registration Act 2002, s.42, s.43, s.73(7); Land Registration Rules 2003 Rule 93.
Cases referred to: AY Bank Limited (in Liquidation) v. Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Republic of Croatia, The Republic of Macedonia, The Republic of Slovenia, The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (now Serbia and Montenegro), Embassy of Serbia and Montenegro, The National Bank of Serbia [2006] EWHC 830 (Ch); J H Watson (Mincing Lane Ltd) v. the Department of Trade and Industry [1989] Ch 72; [1990] 2 AC 418; Cook v Sprigg [1899] AC 572; Secretary of State in Council v. Kamachee Boye Sahaba (1859) 13 Mo. PCC, 2,; Buttes Gas v. Hammer [1982] AC888; Kuwait Airways Corpn v Iraqi Airways Co (Nos 4 and 5) [2002]2 AC 1101; R v Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, ex parte Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament [2002] EWHC 2777.

[2009] EWLandRA 2008 – 0076
England and Wales

Registered Land

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