The Queen v The Inhabitants of St Sepulchre: 20 Nov 1844

A pauper was removed to S. on the examination of P. and A. P. deposed that, on 22nd July 1839, he let to pauper’s husband a house in S., ‘at the rent of 10 1. per year,” that the husband ‘occupied the house until 22d July 1841,’ and paid P. ‘the whole of the rent during that time.’ A. deposed that the husband in July 1839 went to the house, and ‘resided in that house until March I8. Held, dissentienite Coleridge J., that the sessions were not entitled to affirm the order of removal, the examinations not shewing that the house had been occupied for a year under a yearly hiring within stat. 2 W 4 c 18 s 1


[1844] EngR 1000, (1844) 6 QB 580, (1844) 115 ER 217




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