The King v The Justices of The West Riding of Yorkshire(In The Matter of The Aire And Calder Navigation, And Lake Lock Railway Companies); 29 May 1834

References: , [1834] EngR 781, (1834) 1 Ad & E 563, (1834) 110 ER 1322
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A River Navigation Act provided that no proceeding to be taken in pursuance thereof should be removed by certiorari. By a subsequent statute for improving the same navigation, it was enacted, that all the powers, provisions, exemptions, rules, remedies, regulations, penalties, forfeitures, articles, matters, and things whatsoever, contained in the former Act, should be in full force, and extend to and be applied and enforced as to that Act and the matters therein contained, in as full a manner to all intents and purposes as if therein re-enacted: Held, that these were sufficient words to take away the certiorari on proceedings under the latter Act.
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