The Football League Ltd v Edge Ellison (A Firm): ChD 23 Jun 2006

The claimants operated football leagues, and asked the defendant solicitors to act in negotiating the sale of television rights to ONdigital. The broadcasts went ahead, but no guarantees were taken for the contract. The claimants alleged professional negligence, and claimed many millions of pounds. The defendant denied negligence and said that if negligence was found, the claimants were contributorily negligent.
Held: The defendant solicitors had been negligent in not obtaining the guarantees, but even had they been requested, they would not have been given, and the claimants would not have insisted on them. The damages were therefore to be reduced by 75% for contributory negligence. The defendants were liable as to damages of andpound;2.00.
Rimer J
[2006] EWHC 1462 (Ch)
England and Wales
CitedCarlton Communications Plc, Granada Media Plc v The Football League ComC 1-Aug-2002
The applicants sought a declaration that they had not provided guarantees to support a contract between a joint venture company owned by them, OnDigital, and the respondent to screen football matches. The company had become insolvent.
Held: . .
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A solicitor had failed to register an option as a land charge over property. The court was asked what steps should have been taken by a solicitor in the conduct of a claim: ‘Mr Harman [leading counsel for the plaintiff] sought to rely upon the fact . .
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PC (Jersey) The solicitor appealed a finding of negligence. He had failed to advise his client when he acted as a guarantor for a proposed assignee of a lease that the company may be a shell company. It had been . .
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(New Zealand) No duty of wisdom is owed to client in full command of his faculties by a lawyer. If the client requires only action from his lawyer, that is what is required. Informed consent can be sufficient to allow a solicitor to act for two . .
CitedReeves v Thrings and Long CA 1996
Solicitors were sued for failing to advise their client fully as to the wisdom of the transaction he was entering into. The client was an experienced businessman.
Held: The claim failed.
Hobhouse LJ said: ‘Once Mr Reeves was told what the . .
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Extent of Counsel’s Immunity in Negligence
The House considered the extent of a barrister’s immunity from action in negligence, and particularly whether it covered pre-trial acts or omissions in connection with civil proceedings.
Held: A barrister’s immunity from suit extended only to . .
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(From 1982) It was alleged that solicitors should have asked their property company client whether it had public liability insurance which would have covered the company’s liability for damage caused by its demolition contractors to a third party. . .
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Action against a solicitor for alleged negligence. . .
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Lost chance claim – not mere speculative claim
Solicitors failed to advise the plaintiffs sufficiently in a property transaction. A warranty against liability for a former tenant’s obligations under leases had not been obtained. The trial judge held that, on a balance of probabilities, there was . .
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The Defendant solicitors had allowed the Plaintiff’s claim to be struck out for want of prosecution. The court considered how to calculate the value of the loss of the chance of pursuing the claim: ‘1. The legal burden lies on the plaintiff to prove . .
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Millett LJ commented that if a judge needed assistance with regard to conveyancing practice the proper way was to cite the relevant textbooks. . .

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