The Attorney General v Price; 26 Nov 1810

References: [1810] EngR 575, (1810) 17 Ves Jun 371, (1810) 34 ER 143
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Devise to A and his heirs; with a direction, that yearly he and his heirs shall for ever divide and distribute according to his and their discretion amongst the testator’s poor kinsmen and kinswomen, and amongst their offspring and issue dwelling within the County of B. £20 by the year. This is in the nature of a charitable bequest ; and, the Will being made in 1581, was sustained; and inquiries directed as to the poor relations dwelling within the county of B.
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  • Cited – Scarisbrick’s Will Trusts, In re ChD ([1950] 1 All ER 143, [1950] Ch 226)
    The court considered whether a trust was charitable.
    Held: The distinction lay in whether the gift took the form of a trust under which capital was retained and the income only applied for the benefit of the objects, in which case the gift was . .