The Association of British Civilian Internees – Far Eastern Region (ABCIFER) v Secretary of State for Defence: CA 3 Apr 2003

The association sought a judicial review of a decision not to pay compensation in respect of their or their parents or grandparents’ internment by the Japanese in the Second World War. Payment was not made because those interned were not born in Britain.
Held: No legitimate expectation had been created and relied upon. The parliamentary announcement did not contain a clear and unequivocal representation that all those civilians who were British subjects at the time of their internment would receive ex gratia payments under the scheme. It had been lawful to restrict payments in the way done.


Lord Justice Schieman, Lord Justice Dyson Lord Phillips MR


[2002] EWCA Civ 473, Times 19-Apr-2003, Gazette 12-Jun-2003, [2003] QB 1397, [2003] ACD 51, , [2003] 3 WLR 80




England and Wales


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Appeal fromABCIFER v Secretary of State for Defence 2002
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