Teal Assurance Company Ltd v WR Berkley Insurance (Europe) Ltd: SC 31 Jul 2013

An international engineering company had several layers of professional indemnity insurance. The top later did not cover claims originating in the US or Canada. The several insurers now disputed apportionment of liability between them. The appellants (Teal) appealed against decisions below that it was not entitled to select which claims to apportion to which policies, and that claimas must be apportioned to the successive layers as they fell.
Held: The appeal failed. Once the insured’s liability was settled, whether by agreement, judgment or award, the insured incurred expenses, within the scope of a liability policy A claim arose under the policy. That claim would either exhaust the policy cover entirely or pro tanto.
However, the insured may choose not to notify the claim to the insurers, and the policy would not thereby be exhausted.

Lord Neuberger, President, Lord Mance, Lord Clarke, Lord Sumption, Lord Toulson
[2013] UKSC 57, [2014] Lloyd’s Rep IR 56, [2013] WLR(D) 332, [2013] 2 CLC 390, [2013] 4 All ER 643, [2013] BUS LR 109, [2013] 2 All ER (Comm) 1009, UKSC 2012/0014
Bailii, WLRD, Bailii Summary, SC Smmary, SC
England and Wales
At First InstanceTeal Assurance Company Ltd v W R Berkley Insurance (Europe) Ltd and Another ComC 31-Jan-2011
The parties disputed the proper construction and the operation of an excess reinsurance policy of professional liability insurance, and more specifically about how it is determined whether the ‘excess point’ that triggers the reinsurance cover has . .
Appeal fromTeal Assurance Company Ltd v WR Berkley Insurance (Europe) Ltd and Another CA 15-Dec-2011
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An insured cannot recover damages at large for an insurer’s failure to pay. Interest on sums due under a policy is adequate compensation for late payment; this is so, even if an insurer deliberately withholds sums which he knows to be due under a . .
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Held: The . .

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