Taylor v OCS Group Ltd: CA 31 May 2006

The employer appealed against findings of unfair dismissal and disability discrimination. The employee worked in IT. He was profoundly deaf, but could lip read and read sign language. He had been accused of obtaining improper access to a senior staff member’s emails. During the disciplinary hearing, he had been assisted by an interpreter for part of the hearing only.
Held: There is no rule of law that only a rehearing and not a review on a disciplinary appeal could cure a defect in fairness in the original hearing: ‘What matters is not whether the internal appeal was technically a rehearing or a review but whether the disciplinary process as a whole was fair.’


Brooke LJ VP, Dyson LJ, Smith LJ


[2006] EWCA Civ 702, [2006] IRLR 613, [2006] ICR 1602




Employment Rights Act 1996, Disability Discrimination Act 1995


England and Wales


Appeal fromOCS Group Ltd v Taylor EAT 23-May-2005
EAT Unfair Dismissal / Disability Discrimination – 1. The ET did not err in law when it decided that the Claimant because of his inability to participate in a disciplinary hearing on account of his profound . .
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Where there had been defects in the procedure adopted at a disciplinary hearing, an appeal which was restricted to a review and was not a rehearing could not remedy the defects of the original hearing.
As to the case of Calvin v Carr: . .
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A second disciplinary hearing by way of review rather than a rehearing might nevertheless be sufficient to remedy the defects of an earlier hearing. . .
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The court faced questions on a trades union’s decision as to the membership of the applicant.
Held: As a general rule, ‘a failure of natural justice in the trial body cannot be cured by a sufficiency of natural justice in an appellate body.’ . .
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(New South Wales) It was argued that a decision of the stewards of the Australian Jockey Club was void for having been made in breach of the rules of natural justice.
Held: The stewards were entitled to use the evidence of their eyes and their . .
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All information available to an employer at the date of the termination of the employment relationship is relevant when considering the fairness of dismissal, and also any information becoming available during the course of, for example, an internal . .
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EAT Disability Discrimination – Compensation. . .
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At the council’s independent, single-sex grammar schools there were more places available for boys than girls. Consequently the council were obliged to set a higher pass mark for girls than boys in the grammar school entrance examination.
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The court considered the circumstances under which a Hearing Officer’s decision could be reversed on appeal: ‘Those experienced in cases such as these, such as the Hearing Officer, would have known that the sort of evidence normally adduced on . .

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