Sykes v Harry and Trustee of Estate of Harry, a Bankrupt: CA 1 Feb 2001

The tenant appealed dismissal of his claim for damages. He had suffered serious injury after inhaling carbon monoxide fumes from a defective gas fire. The fire had not been maintained and a fall of soot eventually prevented the escape of fumes.
Held: The appeal succeeded, and the defendant was 80% liable for the injury. Where a defect in premises led to a tenant’s injury, it was not necessary to show that the landlord had actual or constructive knowledge of the defect. If the landlord had failed to take the reasonable care which could have been expected of him to ensure the tenants personal safety, he could be liable. The purpose of the 1972 Act was to break away from the historic limitations placed by the common law upon the duty/liability of a landlord to persons injured as a result of defects in the condition of premises owned by him.
‘The judge was in error in equating the task of the claimant, as tenant, in establishing a breach of duty under s.4 of the 1972 Act, with his need under s.11 of the 1985 Act to demonstrate notice (actual or constructive) of the actual defect giving rise to the injury. The question the judge should have asked himself was whether, in the light of the findings of fact which he had made, the first defendant had, by his failure to service the gas fire regularly or at all, or otherwise to take steps to check or make appropriate enquiries of the tenant as to the servicing and/or state of the gas fire during the eight-year period before the claimant’s accident, failed in his duty to take such care as was reasonable in all the circumstances to see that the claimant was reasonably safe from injury. ‘


Potter LJ, Hale LJ, Butler-Sloss P


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Defective Premises Act 1972 4, Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 11


England and Wales


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