Sustainable Shetland v The Scottish Ministers and Another (Scotland): SC 9 Feb 2015

Wind Farm Permission Took Proper Account

Sustainable Shetland challenged the grant of permission for a wind farm saying that the respondents had failed properly to take account of their obligations under the Birds Directive, in respect of the whimbrel, a protected migratory bird.
Held: The appeal failed.
It was clear that the Ministers had properly considered the effect on the whimbrel and had concluded that even without mitigation the effect would not be substantial. The reference to the benefits of the project as balancing considerations was a fall-back position which would only have come into play if the primary reasoning were not accepted: ‘the ministers did have regard to the desirability of improving the conservation status of the whimbrel on the islands in general, rather than simply avoiding significant loss due to this proposal. They were entitled to attach weight to the fact that the HMP would result in one third of the whimbrel population of the UK being taken under active management, and to regard it as an exceptional opportunity to improve understanding of the species and its habitat and of the measures necessary to conserve it. ‘

Lord Neuberger, President, Lord Sumption, Lord Reed, Lord Carnwath, Lord Hodge
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