Sun Life Assurance plc v Thales Tracs Ltd (formerly Racal Tracs Ltd) and Another: CA 24 May 2001

Tenants sought renewed commercial tenancies. The landlord first opposed then consented to the renewals. In the meantime the tenants had made arrangements to purchase alternative properties, and did not proceed with the claims. They later counter-claimed for statutory compensation, but the counter-claim was dismissed on the basis that the applications for the new tenancies were not genuine. The appeal was successful. The court was not to begin an inquiry into the state of mind of the applicant for the new tenancy. The words of the section were to be given their ordinary and unqualified meaning. There was no need to look beyond them.


Times 25-Jun-2001, Gazette 24-May-2001


Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 26(3) 37


England and Wales

Landlord and Tenant

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