Sorrell v Smith: HL 1925

Torts of Conspiracy by Unlawful Means

The plaintiff had struck the first blow in a commercial battle between the parties, and the defendant then defended himself, whereupon the plaintiff sued him.
Lord Cave quoted the French saying: ‘cet animal est tres mechant; quand on l’attaque, il se defend’.
Held: A fraud automatically amounts to unlawful means for the purpose of the tort of unlawful means conspiracy.
Viscount Cave LC said: ‘I deduce as material for the decision of the present case two propositions of law, which may be stated as follows:- (1.) A combination of two or more persons wilfully to injure a man in his trade is unlawful and, if it results in damage to him, is actionable.
(2.) If the real purpose of the combination is, not to injure another, but forward or defend the trade of those who enter into it, then no wrong is committed and no action will lie, although damage to another ensues.’ and as to the second point: ‘(c) The second proposition, of course, assumes the absence of means which are in themselves unlawful, such as violence or the threat of violence or fraud.’
Lord Dunedin said: ‘Now the moment that that is recognised, ie, that the essence of conspiracy on which civil action is founded is a criminal conspiracy, though of course unless actual damage has followed no civil action will lie, the moment that fact is recognised, you at once bring in the spirit of the criminal law, where motive or intention-the mens rea-is everything.’

Viscount Cave LC, Lord Dunedin
[1925] AC 700, [1925] All ER 1
England and Wales
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