Soltau v De Held; 11 Dec 1851

References: (1851) 2 Sim NS 133, 61 ER 291, [1851] EngR 992, (1851) 61 ER 291
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Coram: Kindersley V-C
Ratio The court considered an allegation of causing a public nuisance: ‘I conceive that, to constitute a public nuisance, the thing must be such as, in its nature or its consequences, is a nuisance – an injury or a damage, to all persons who come within the sphere of its operations, though it may be so in a greater degree to some than it is to others.’
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  • Cited – Regina -v- Rimmington; Regina -v- Goldstein HL (Bailii, Times 28-Oct-05, House of Lords, [2005] UKHL 63, Bailii, [2005] 3 WLR 982, [2006] 1 AC 459, [2006] 1 Cr App R 17, [2006] 2 All ER 257, [2006] Crim LR 153, [2006] UKHRR 1, [2006] HRLR 3)
    The House considered the elements of the common law offence of public nuisance. One defendant faced accusations of having sent racially offensive materials to individuals. The second was accused of sending an envelope including salt to a friend as a . .

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