Smith and Others v The Ministry of Defence: SC 19 Jun 2013

The claimants were PRs of men who had died or were severely injured on active duty in Iraq being variously fired at by mistake by other coalition forces, or dying in vehicles attacked by roadside bombs. Appeals were heard against a finding that the soldiers had been found to be outwith the jurisdiction, and by the respondent that it owed a duty of care within a battlefield situation.
Held: The soldiers were within the jurisdiction, and the duty of care was owed. The cases could proceed to trial.
Lord Hope, Deputy President, Lord Walker, Lady Hale, Lord Mance, Lord Kerr, Lord Wilson, Lord Carnwath
[2013] UKSC 41, [2013] WLR(D) 239, [2014] AC 52, [2013] 4 All ER 794, [2014] 1 AC 52, [2013] 3 WLR 69, [2013] HRLR 27, [2014] PIQR P2
Bailii, Bailii Summary, SC, SC Summary, WLRD
European Convention on Human Rights 2, Armed Forces Act 2006 367(1)
England and Wales
CitedGentle, Regina (on the Application of) and Another v The Prime Minister and Another HL 9-Apr-2008
The appellants were mothers of two servicemen who had died whilst on active service in Iraq. They appealed refusal to grant a public inquiry. There had already been coroners inquests. They said that Article 2 had been infringed.
Held: The . .
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(Plenary Court) The applicant was held in prison in the UK, pending extradition to the US to face allegations of murder, for which he faced the risk of the death sentence, which would be unlawful in the UK. If extradited, a representation would be . .
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(Grand Chamber) Air strikes were carried out by NATO forces against radio and television facilities in Belgrade on 23 April 1999. The claims of five of the applicants arose out of the deaths of relatives in this raid. The sixth claimed on his own . .
CitedIssa And Others v Turkey ECHR 16-Nov-2004
Accountability for violation of the Convention rights and freedoms of persons in another state stems from the fact that article 1 of the Convention cannot be interpreted so as to allow a state party to perpetrate violations of the Convention on the . .
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Complaints were made as to the deaths of six Iraqi civilians which were the result of actions by a member or members of the British armed forces in Basra. One of them, Mr Baha Mousa, had died as a result of severe maltreatment in a prison occupied . .
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(Grand Chamber) The exercise of jurisdiction, which is a threshold condition, is a necessary condition for a contracting state to be able to be held responsible for acts or omissions imputable to it which give rise to an allegation of the . .
CitedSmith, Regina (on The Application of) v Secretary of State for Defence and Oxfordshire Assistant Deputy Coroner (Equality and Human Rights Commission intervening) SC 30-Jun-2010
The deceased soldier died of heat exhaustion whilst on active service in Iraq. It was said that he was owed a duty under human rights laws, and that any coroner’s inquest should be a fuller one to satisfy the state’s duty under Article 2.
CitedDrozd and Janousek v France and Spain ECHR 26-Jun-1992
The applicants complained of the unfairness of their trial in Andorra (which the Court held it had no jurisdiction to investigate) and of their detention in France, which was not found to violate article 5.
Held: Member states are obliged to . .
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(Commission) The applicant lived in the German Democratic Republic (‘DDR’). He wished to move to the Federal Republic of Germany, but the DDR authorities refused him permission. At 1115 on 9 September 1988, together with 17 other DDR citizens, he . .
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(French Text) In 1962 France and Algeria had signed a statement of principle on cultural co-operation which provided inter alia for French children residing in Algeria, including those having dual French and Algerian nationality under French law, to . .
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(Grand Chamber) The concept of jurisdiction for the purposes of article 1 reflects that term’s meaning in public international law and is closely linked to the international responsibility of the state concerned. . .
CitedHirsi Jamaa v Italy ECHR 23-Feb-2012
The court was asked whether the asylum seekers were subject to the jurisdiction of Italy while they were detained on the ship flying the Italian flag.
Held: The court need not concern itself with the question whether the state is in a position . .
CitedEdwards and Others v The Attorney General of Canada PC 18-Oct-1929
(Canada) A constitutional Act act should not be interpreted narrowly or technically. Rights in conventions, treaties and like instruments are interpreted like a ‘living tree capable of growth and expansion within its natural limits.’ (Lord Sankey . .
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Admissibility – Commission – Article 1 of the Convention : The High Contracting Parties are bound to guarantee the rights and freedoms set forth in the Convention in connection with all acts or omissions of their agents, even where such public . .
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. .
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CitedStott (Procurator Fiscal, Dunfermline) and Another v Brown PC 5-Dec-2000
The system under which the registered keeper of a vehicle was obliged to identify herself as the driver, and such admission was to be used subsequently as evidence against her on a charge of driving with excess alcohol, was not a breach of her right . .

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CitedKennedy v The Charity Commission SC 26-Mar-2014
The claimant journalist sought disclosure of papers acquired by the respondent in its conduct of enquiries into the charitable Mariam appeal. The Commission referred to an absolute exemption under section 32(2) of the 2000 Act, saying that the . .
CitedRobinson v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police SC 8-Feb-2018
Limits to Police Exemption from Liability
The claimant, an elderly lady was bowled over and injured when police were chasing a suspect through the streets. As they arrested him they fell over on top of her. She appealed against refusal of her claim in negligence.
Held: Her appeal . .

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