Small And Others v Attwood And Others; 1 Nov 1832

References: , [1832] EngR 776, (1831-1832) You 407, (1832) 159 ER 1051
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Where a contract is entered into for the purchase of an estate by certain persons in their own names, but in fact on their own account, and also as agents for other parties, a bill to rescind the contract may be filed in the names of the agents and the other parties. Where the partners in a Company or partnership are numerous, a bill may be filed by some of the partners on behalf of themselves and the other partners to rescind the contract. In a case where it is manifest, from the circumstances, and the evidence, that it is for the benefit of all the partners that the contract should be rescinded. A contract for the sale of iron mines was rescinded on the ground of fraudulent misrepresentations of the value of the estate, and of the prices of ironstone and other materials, and of the quantities of materials required for the manufacture of iron, notwithstanding possession had been taken, the mines worked, and other acts of ownership had been exercised, and notwithstanding some acts in confirmation of the contract.
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  • Cited – Attwood -v- Small and Others HL (Bailii, [1838] UKHL J14, 7 ER 684, Bailii, [1838] UKHL J60)
    The plaintiffs had bought land including iron mines from the defendants. They sought and were given explicit re-assurances about the mine’s capacity, but these proved false after the plaintiffs had begun to work the mine themselves.
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