Skelton, Regina (on The Application of) v Winchester Crown Court: Admn 5 Dec 2017

The Court was asked whether the Crown Court could properly refuse to state a case for the opinion of the divisional court, having convicted a defendant, on her appeal from the magistrates’ court, of an offence of common assault. She was evicted from a pblic meeting before it began, and was accused of having kicked the PCSO who removed her. Her main grievance was that the Crown Court should have dealt with a defence of lawful self-defence and having failed to do so, rendered her conviction unsafe.
Held: The issue of self-defence might have arisen, but the claimant had denied the assault alleged. The denial was inconsistent with the concept of having so acted in self defence: ‘Indeed, it was directly contrary to that defence.’
The four questions originally presented to the Crown Court, though framed as if they were questions of law, were all questions that go to its findings of fact. As such they were misconceived.


Lindblom LJ, Edis J


[2017] EWHC 3118 (Admin)




England and Wales


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