Sir Robert Edward Wilmot, Baronet v Joseph Rose: 25 Apr 1854

Sect. 11 of the Act ‘To regulate the sale of farming stock taken in execution,’ 56 G. 3, e. 50, enacts that no assignee of any bankrupt or insolvent debtors’ estate, or under any bill of sale, nor any purchaser of the goods, chattels, stock or crop of any peraon employed in husbandry, on lands let to farm, shall use or dispose of any produce of such land in any other manner, and for any other purpose, than sucb bankrupt, insolvent, or other person employed in husbandry, ought to have used or disposed of the same if there had been no bankruptcy, assignment or sale made.-Held : that this prohibitioti as to purchasers is not confined to purchasers under an execution.


[1854] EngR 424, (1854) 3 El and Bl 563, (1854) 118 ER 1253




England and Wales

Agriculture, Insolvency

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