Silvana Di Paolo v Office national de l’emploi: ECJ 17 Feb 1977

ECJ The concept of the member state in which the worker resides, appearing in article 71(1)(b)(ii) of regulation no 1408/71, must be limited to the state where the worker, although occupied in another member state, continues habitually to reside and where the habitual centre of his interests is also situated. The addition of the words ‘or who returns to that territory’ implies merely that the concept of residence in a state does not necessarily exclude non-habitual residence in another member state. For the purposes of applying article 71(1)(b)(ii), account should be taken of the length and continuity of residence before the person concerned moved, the length and purpose of his absence, the nature of the occupation found in the other member state and the intention of the person concerned as it appears from all the circumstances.


R-76/76, [1977] EUECJ R-76/76, C-76/76






Updated: 21 May 2022; Ref: scu.132479