Sheffield City Council (Local Government): ICO 13 Jul 2020

The complainant has requested pre-application planning details for a specific address from Sheffield City Council (the ‘Council’). The Council provided some information but withheld the remainder, citing regulations 12(5)(d) (confidentiality of proceedings), 12(5)(e) (commercial confidentiality) and 12(5)(f) (voluntary supply of information) of the EIR. The Commissioner’s decision is that the Council has correctly applied the exception at regulation 12(5)(d) of the EIR. However, the Council breached regulation 11(4) by failing to provide its internal review response within the required 40 working days. The Council is not required to take any steps to ensure compliance with the legislation.
EIR 11(4): Complaint upheld EIR 12(5): Complaint not upheld

[2020] UKICO fer0900414
England and Wales


Updated: 23 November 2021; Ref: scu.653789