Serious Organised Crime Agency v Szepietowski and Others: ChD 15 Oct 2010

The court was asked whether, as second mortgagee on the defendant’s properties, the claimant agency had the equitable power of marshalling of prior charges. The first chargee had charges over two properties, and sold the first, satisfying it debt, but leaving the Agency with no effective return. The bank’s same debts had also been secured on other property. The agency wished the bank instead to take its money under the other charge. The defendant argued that a settlement agreement was a full statement of the Agencies rights.
Held: The Court granted the Agency a declaration that it was entitled to have (i) its security over specified properties of the first defendant, and (ii) the securities of the second defendant bank over the same properties and over the first defendant’s family home, marshalled pursuant to the court’s equitable jurisdiction. The words of the agreement were not sufficiently wide to preclude a marshalling claim.
Marshalling is a doctrine with its own peculiar and distinct characteristics, and is not governed by the general principles of other subrogation remedies. The ‘two debts’ condition of marshalling was satisfied and the objection to its apoplication failed. The claimant was therefore subrogated to the bank in that bank’s charge over the remaining property.

Henderson J
[2010] EWHC 2570 (Ch), [2010] NPC 101, [2011] Lloyd’s Rep FC 81
England and Wales
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CitedSerious Organised Crime Agency v Szepietowski and others ChD 27-Feb-2009
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