Serco Ltd v Lawson and Foreign and Commonwealth Office: CA 23 Jan 2004

The applicant had been employed to provide services to RAF in the Ascension Islands. He alleged constructive dismissal. There was an issue as to whether somebody working in the Ascension Islands was protected by the 1996 Act. The restriction on jurisdiction in s196 had been removed. The question now was as to what test applied in its stead. Some limitation must be implied. The test is as to employment in Great Britain.
Held: A principle of statutory interpretation is that ‘an enactment applies to all persons and matters within the territory to which it extends, but not to any other persons or matters’ Some provisions of the Act explicitly extended jurisdiction to employments abroad, which implied that other provisions did not so extend. It was claimed that the Directice was intended to protect workers posted abroad, but that was complied with by the repeal of s196. It was wrong to try to revert to the ‘base test’ in Todd, since this was part of the background leading to s196. The tribunal had no jurisdiction to hear the complaint. The applicant was not employed in Great Britain.


Lord Justice Mummery Lord Justice May Lord Justice Pill


[2004] EWCA Civ 12, Times 30-Jan-2004, [2004] ICR 204




Employment Rights Act 1996, Employment Tribunals (Constitution and Rules of Procedure) Regulations 2001, Directive 96/71/EC


England and Wales


Appeal fromLawson v Serco Ltd EAT 12-Dec-2002
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Appeal fromLawson v Serco Ltd EAT 11-Mar-2003
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