Secretary of State for Education and Skills v Mairs: Admn 25 May 2005

The appellant had been dismissed from the social services department of Haringey Borough Council, and her name placed on a list of persons unsuitable to work with children. She had been criticised in the statutory inquiry into the death of Victoria Climbie. She had led the team of social workers. The Secretary of State appealed her removal from the list by the Care Standards Tribunal.
Held: It was permissible for the tribunal to depart from the decision of a statutory inquiry. That inquiry was not judicial in nature and could not bind a judicial body such as the tribunal. The results of the inquiry were admissible before the tribunal, and the views expressed might be highly persuasive. If the tribunal diverged from the findings of an inquiry it should do so only with care, and should explain its reasons, but in this latter respect it was sufficient to show that it had a justifiable basis for its conclusion. That existed here.


leveson J


[2005] EWHC 996 (Admin), Times 15-Jun-2005




Protection of Children act 1989 81


Appeal fromMairs v Secretary of State for Education and Skills CST 15-Nov-2004
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