Scott v Bridge and Others: ChD 25 Nov 2020

Claim to recover money and property said to have been transferred by the claimant to the defendants or one or more of them. The money concerned came from a bank account belonging to the claimant. The property concerned consisted of two dwelling-houses, one which the claimant had inherited from her parents, and in which she lived until recently, and one which was acquired by the first and second defendants under the social housing right to buy scheme. The claims are based variously on the doctrines of unjust enrichment, undue influence, resulting and constructive trusts, proprietary estoppel, and mistake.
Held: Although the claimant was entitled to judgment for the sum of pounds 89,500 on unjust enrichment principles, she was not entitled to a proprietary claim as against the third defendant’s bank account or its traceable proceeds.


HHJ Paul Matthew


[2020] EWHC 3116 (Ch)




England and Wales


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Estoppel, Undue Influence, Evidence

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