Scotch Whisky Association and Others v The Lord Advocate and Another: SC 15 Nov 2017

The Association challenged the imposition of minimum pricing systems for alcohol, saying that it was in breach of European law. After a reference to the ECJ, the Court now considered its legality.
Held: The Association’s appeal failed. Minimum pricing was a proportionate way of achieving a legitimate aim. From the outset, concern about the health and social harms resulting from extremely heavy drinking in deprived communities was an element of targeted thinking behind the 2012 Act. The Policy Memorandum also discounted a straightforward increase in excise tax as it ‘would impact on high price products as well as cheap ones and so would have a proportionately greater effect on moderate drinkers than a minimum price’.
The Court of Session had made a judgment it was entitled to reach on the information before it.
The effect of the ECJ judgment was that, where a national court examines national legislation in the light of the justification relating to the protection of health under article 36 TFEU it is bound to examine objectively whether it may reasonably be concluded from the evidence submitted by the Member State concerned that the means chosen are appropriate for the attainment of the objectives pursued and whether it is possible to attain those objectives by measures that are less restrictive of the free movement of goods and of the CMO.


Lord Neuberger, Lady Hale, Lord Mance, Lord Kerr, Lord Sumption, Lord Reed, Lord Hodge


[2017] UKSC 76, 2017 GWD 37-566, [2017] UKSC 76, [2018] LLR 198, 2018 SCLR 102, [2018] 2 CMLR 6, 2017 SLT 1261, UKSC 2017/0025


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Alcohol (Minimum Pricing) (Scotland) Act 2012, Directive 92/84/EEC




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The Association sought to challenge the legality of the 2012 Act and orders made under it. The Government’s contended that the Act would bring health benefits of one sort or another to at least part of the population.
Held: In a reclaiming . .
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