Sawkins v Hyperion Records Limited: ChD 5 Jul 2004

The claimant had edited ancient music scores so as to be ready for performance for the defendant. He asserted a copyright. The defendants argued that the contribution was too little to create a copyright.
Held: To succeed Dr Sawkins had to establish that each of his editions is an original musical work. The argument that he was only making minor embellishments to recreate the original work was not successful. The CD’s used or were derived from the scores prepared by the claimant. The claim largely succeeded. Dr Sawkins also succeded in his claim for infringement of his moral rights.

The Honourable Mr Justice Patten
[2004] EWHC 1530 (Ch), Times 26-Jul-2004, [2005] RPC 47, [2004] 4 All ER 418
Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 3
England and Wales
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Infringement of the plaintiff’s copyright in the music of the opera ‘Polly’, written by John Gay as a sequel to ‘The Beggar’s Opera’ was alleged. A volume comprised the opera in prose form, with an appendix including simple airs with an added bass. . .
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What is substantial copying
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Reporter of Public Speech Owns Copyright I
A reporter attended a speech by Lord Rosebery. His report of the speech was republished in the Times after another journalist who had not been present published a verbatim copy. He claimed a copyright in the work he produced.
Held: The first . .

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Appeal fromHyperion Records Ltd v Sawkins CA 19-May-2005
The claimant had developed historical musical works for performance. They were published by the defendant, by means of recordings of a performance from the scores he had prepared – so called ‘performance editions’. The many hundreds of hours . .

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