Rysaffe Trustee Company (CI) Ltd and Another v Ataghan Ltd and others: ChD 8 Aug 2006

Complex family trusts had been created over many years. Various documents were now disputed, and particularly the extent of land demised by a lease, and whether a surender of a lease had occurred. Landslides had disturbed the boundaries of the land. An arbitrator had decided the new rent on the basis of his own findings as to the extent of the land.
Held: There had been an implied surrender of the lease, and in any event an issue estoppel arose from the determination by the arbitrator even though he had been asked only to decide the rent.


C Freedman QC


[2006] EWHC 2324 (Ch)




Law of Property Act 1925 62(1)


England and Wales


CitedKirkby v Robinson 1965
It is fundamental for an arbitrator asked to settle a rent to adjudicate on the extent of a land holding in order to decide the amount of that rent. If the Parties could not agree it, then the arbitrator would have to do so. Such preliminary issues . .
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Even if one of the parties to a tenancy is acting under a mistake, there can be a surrender of a tenancy by law, provided that the mistake is not induced by the fraud of the other. . .
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Quasi-Easements granted on sale of part of Estate
S owned a workshop and an adjoining plot of land. The workshop had three windows looking out over the plot. The property was sold in separate lots at auction. The land was sold with no express reservation of any easements, and then similarly the . .
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Whether there has been an extinguishment of easements is a question of fact and degree in each case. . .
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The tenant disputed whether he had surrendered the property in the lease.
Held: The court considered the basis of an implied surrender: ‘In my judgment, it is indeed estoppel that forms the foundation of the doctrine. The doctrine operates . .
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Except where a right claimed is continuous and apparent, there must be diversity of ownership or occupation prior to the conveyance for section 62 (1) to apply. . .
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. .
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Where there is an award that is on its face an interim award, then the arbitrator is only functus officio with respect to the issues dealt with in that interim award and retains the authority to deal with the remaining matters. Issue estoppel . .
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Landlord and Tenant, Arbitration

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